Monday, April 28, 2008

That's A New One

I was at work yesterday when the phone rang.
"Good evening, Tim Horton's, Haley speaking."

"Um, hi? I was wondering if you could check if there's a woman with long brown hair there?" The speaker is a young man.
I look and report back that there are only two women with gray hair and an elderly man in the store at the moment.
"Oh. Um. Okay. Well she should be in soon. When she does could you tell her that Harry asked if he could marry her? I'd really appreciate it."
Then he hung up. Didn't wait for a reply. How odd!

Firstly, "woman with long brown hair" is not much of a description. I'm not about to ask every woman with brown hair if she'll marry Harry, and secondly, even if I did, how is Harry supposed to know her reply? Assuming that the proposal was genuine (and I'm fully aware that it was likely a crank call on me), that's something that you'd think Harry would want to see in person.

It did rather amuse me for the rest of the night though!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A New Addition!

Once again there is something worth blogging about! Greg and I are adopting a kitten. There were many factors involved in the decision. Rumble has been lonely (and therefore annoying is his demand for attention), Greg and I both enjoy how two cats play together, and Greg had never had a kitten before - and of course I love kittens!

We decided to do a private adoption through an agency, rather than going to the humane society. This meant a lower cost: $145 for kitten +2 rounds of shots +spaying +flea/earmite/worm removal. It also meant a friendlier environment. There is nothing I hate more than visiting the humane society and having to leave behind all the meowing for attention kitties and wondering if they will ever find a home. Instead I got to go to a woman's home and sit in a room with the two kittens they had, and play with them in a low-key environment.

So that brings us to the kitten herself (yes, she's a 'she'). I don't have any pictures yet, as we don't get to take her home with us until the 29/30, after she's healed from the spaying, but I will describe her. She's 11 weeks old, and white, except for her head and her back, which is brown tabby. I keep saying that it's as if she was meant to be a white cat and someone just accidentally dropped tabby on her. She's very affectionate, much more so than her brother who was more interested in my shoelaces than me. And so, in just over a week, Rumble will have a little friend.

And her name? So far we think either Pandora or Nietzsche ("neet-cha"). Anyone have a preference?