Monday, April 28, 2008

That's A New One

I was at work yesterday when the phone rang.
"Good evening, Tim Horton's, Haley speaking."

"Um, hi? I was wondering if you could check if there's a woman with long brown hair there?" The speaker is a young man.
I look and report back that there are only two women with gray hair and an elderly man in the store at the moment.
"Oh. Um. Okay. Well she should be in soon. When she does could you tell her that Harry asked if he could marry her? I'd really appreciate it."
Then he hung up. Didn't wait for a reply. How odd!

Firstly, "woman with long brown hair" is not much of a description. I'm not about to ask every woman with brown hair if she'll marry Harry, and secondly, even if I did, how is Harry supposed to know her reply? Assuming that the proposal was genuine (and I'm fully aware that it was likely a crank call on me), that's something that you'd think Harry would want to see in person.

It did rather amuse me for the rest of the night though!

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