Monday, March 24, 2008

A Nice Turn of Events

Good things are a-brewing. I convinced my manager to give me two 8-hour shifts on the weekend, thereby limiting the nights I have to work with crazy-racist-shift-leader to one a week. One is far better than three. One I can manage. One does not rob me of my soul.
I also found a new carpool arrangement. No more being so chronically late that I get letters for bad attendance. No more being called at 7:25 am to say the ride isn't coming (when college starts at 8:15, and is a 2 hour bus ride). No more being left at college because the other class got out early.
I now have one girl from my own term drive me in the morning, since doesn't it turn out that she drops her husband off at work 2 blocks from my house every morning. In the afternoons I get a ride home from a group of term one students that carpool together every day.
So Much Better!

And there may even be a visit from my former roomie in the works for later this week. Come, Jackie! Do come!

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Midterms are done! I can now have a life again. I began my having a life again by reinstalling windows on my drugged-out computer, with much phone help from my little brother the computer genius. It's good to have him to fall back on when my computer tells me that
a) windows is corrupt and needs to be reinstalled
b) it can't reinstall windows because there is already an operating system installed (ie: windows)
I would have just been sitting on the floor crying without my brilliant brother calmly talking me through how to fix it. That he was able to do this while serving people beavertails at his job, dealing with customer questions, and doing some sort of inventory/ordering thing tells you just how brilliant he is.

That crisis over, I cleaned all the wood in the apartment with Murphy's Oil. Got to love that stuff. Now the beat up wood sliding doors on the (5) closets and the (4) room doors and the (12) cupboards and the dining room floor all look beat up AND shiny. An improvement over just beat up, I'll say. The whole apartment shines and stinks. The stink will fade, and hopefully the shine will stay.

The Tims I work at is finally out of the trailer. No being trapped in a 5'x5' square with a loudly racist supervisor. Now I can at least by 15' away from the racist supervisor at all times. It's an improvement, folks. Plus there are more things to do so I'm not bored out of my mind, and the heating works! Of course there is an incredibly loud water hammer thing that happens whenever we run the industrial dishwasher that makes it sound as though the store is coming down, but management says the plummer will be in later this week.

And now I have an evening with nothing to study, and no work. What a luxury. Mound of laundry, here I come!