Monday, March 24, 2008

A Nice Turn of Events

Good things are a-brewing. I convinced my manager to give me two 8-hour shifts on the weekend, thereby limiting the nights I have to work with crazy-racist-shift-leader to one a week. One is far better than three. One I can manage. One does not rob me of my soul.
I also found a new carpool arrangement. No more being so chronically late that I get letters for bad attendance. No more being called at 7:25 am to say the ride isn't coming (when college starts at 8:15, and is a 2 hour bus ride). No more being left at college because the other class got out early.
I now have one girl from my own term drive me in the morning, since doesn't it turn out that she drops her husband off at work 2 blocks from my house every morning. In the afternoons I get a ride home from a group of term one students that carpool together every day.
So Much Better!

And there may even be a visit from my former roomie in the works for later this week. Come, Jackie! Do come!

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