Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Blast from Television Past

As I kill time rather than study for my final tomorrow (but really, how hard can the written exam for a practical course be?), I'm remembering a kids show that I used to love. I seem to remember at one time also owning the dos-run computer game that went with it.

Does anyone else miss Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?


Greg said...

I remember being outraged that the final round on that show was such a ripoff. I don't think anyone could answer the questions and run to the different stations quick enough to beat the clock.

SassyBelle said...

OH MY GOSH, YES! i LOVED that show... i too had the game and also played online (the internet was different in those days...) on compuserve, a network provider... holy CRAP, i loved that show.

Angela said...

me too! i loved that show, and even owned the board game (actually, it may still be around, i'll have to dig it out for my classroom!). didn't have the computer game though - we didn't have a computer until 2000, by then i was fifteen and carmen wasn't on the air (i don't think?)